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Internet & ISP Service

The purpose of this service is to provide Internet, Email, Moodle/VLE and Wide Area Network services to Stockport Schools. 

We provide Internet via to Stockport schools across the Stockport Council Wide Area Network, the Web Filtering service is Administered Centrally using Lightspeed with  the option for Secondary Schools to Administer their own appliance within school.

Email service is provided in house on Exchange and provides emails accounts for all staff and teachers. Email filtering Administered centrally by ICT Schools Support to prevent SPAM getting through to the schools using MessageLabs (Symantec).

ICT Schools Support desk on 0161 474 4100 is available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Information and Communication (ICS) is an ISO20000 certified organisation externally accredited to the ISO20000 Service Management Standard. Its focus is on providing consistent high levels of service delivery as well as identifying demonstrable improvements to service delivery and support processes.

AVA Services

The service offers quality school based, support, maintenance & training backed by full workshop repair facilities.

The services offered will be available during term time and school holidays and comprise:

  • A range of contracts & supplementary services tailored to the requirements of all schools
  • A technical Helpline
  • A ‘cover all’  policy for Audio visual equipment repairs
  • Research Machines Partner support  to provide local & cost-effective installation, upgrade and support for RM systems
  • Managed Network Services
  • Remote support to schools via the Stockport broadband network.

We strive to provide services and products at competitive prices whilst ensuring quality which adheres to national educational and Health & Safety standards and complies with financial and procurement regulations.

The service is customer focused and proactive. AVA technical services are there solely to support the school and its efficient and effective operation.

AVA uses a consultative approach to continually evaluate the school’s technology needs and will give advice on the best solutions for your current and future technical needs. Its approach is based on FITS best practice and covers the four main functions of technical support provision: Reactive, Proactive, Change and Strategic.

Website Service

Our Service can provide you with a professional personalised website for your school.

Your site can be simple, functional or formal and can be easily adapted to your requirements. Our service provides you with a site that includes many of the popular features found on the web, such as real-time calendars, password protected pages and online forms. All management of your site is done online allowing you to quickly and easily amend pages and add and remove resources.

We will provide your school with a full support package via email, telephone and even onsite visits, and include training for your staff on maintaining and updating your site.

Moodle VLE Service

Moodle is a virtual learning environment (VLE) or Learning Management System. Moodle was implemented in Stockport in 2008 and has become an integral part of many schools.  Each Moodle VLE is tailored to your own preferred design, including personalising the look and feel, customising screen layouts and images.
The Moodle VLE is beneficial to schools as it provides a secure password protected environment enabling the sharing of information, resources and tasks through direct communication with staff, pupils and parents.
The Moodle VLE can provide parents with a real insight into school, giving them access to resources for their children as well as administrative information such as letters, forms and important dates. Pupils can access activities and resources to promote learning beyond the classroom and use features such as forums and wikis to boost communication and collaborative working.