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Our new web filtering product gives you the chance to have a look as to what a website is categorised as, and what kind of rating it would be classed as. E.g. would be category = news, description = news and magazines and a content rating of G.

The content rating will give you a good idea of if a site will be available for your school, anything G or PG may be allowed, anything else will be blocked. You can use this in conjunction with the description, we have most of the following areas available within schools

Business and Work (excluding filehosting & weapons)

Education (excluding lifestyles and sex education)

Family Life (excluding photography)

Kids and Teens (excluding chat)

Recreation (excluding auctions)

Reference (limited to news)

Society (limited to government, society and politics)

The above is a representation of most schools configuration, some schools have requested specific types of websites to be blocked/unblocked so there is still a chance it may/may not be accessible within your school, if blocked you would need to get it requested by one of your schools authorised users.

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