Stockport Schools E Learning Network

Thursday 15th July 2021.


Please note that essential routine work will be carried out on the Schools Network over the Summer 2021 school holidays, during this period there could be a short amount of time when services to your school may be interrupted.

There will also be a firewall change freeze during week commencing 9th August 2021 (GCSE exam results week), so if you wanted to make changes to your IT system in school over the Summer holidays and you needed a firewall change on the central schools network in order for your changes to take place, we would not be able to carry out this work for you during week commencing 9th August 2021.

If you have IT work taking place in school over the Summer holidays and you are unsure if it needs firewall changes it would be best to contact schools support and ask them, the contact details are below.

Many Thanks

ICT Schools Support team

0161 474 4100

Monday 28th June 2021,


As part of the Internet and email SLA that you buy into we provide web filtering for your school, we currently use a product called Lightspeed to filter the internet for staff and pupils. We have used this product for several years and we are now in the process of migrating to our new solution called Smoothwall.

Smoothwall provides the same functionality as you have now but with added granularity of filtering, particularly with You Tube where schools have been wanting greater access but at the same time still being able to ensure that only appropriate content is available to children.

Starting in July 2021 we will be commencing the migration of schools over to the Smoothwall product, your school will be contacted to inform you when your school will be changed over.

We have gone through a rigorous testing process to ensure that the product meets all our requirements and that the migrations will be as smooth as possible.

“Smoothwall is a dedicated safeguarding technology provider in UK education. They have recently acquired eSafe Global, the safeguarding service that many of our schools use to monitor behaviour on school ICT equipment.”

If you have any queries surrounding this change please get in touch.

Many Thanks


Sarah Mann

CSS Manager – IT Traded Services

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