Website Checker

To check a website - click on the image above

This web filtering product gives you the chance to see what a website is categorised as, and what kind of rating it would be classed as.

E.g. would be:

category = news

description = news and magazines

content rating of G.

The content rating will give you a good idea of if a site will be available for your school, anything G or PG may be allowed, anything else will be blocked. You can use this in conjunction with the description, we have most of the following areas available within schools:

  • Business and Work (excluding file hosting & weapons)
  • Education (excluding lifestyles and sex education)
  • Family Life (excluding photography)
  • Kids and Teens (excluding chat)
  • Recreation (excluding auctions)
  • Reference (limited to news)
  • Society (limited to government, society and politics)

The above is a representation of most schools configuration, some schools have requested specific types of websites to be blocked/unblocked so there is still a chance it may/may not be accessible within your school, if blocked you would need to get it requested by one of your schools authorised users.